4 questions you need to ask to find the best web designer:

By. Ana Maria Aguirre.

Let´s talk about finding the best web designer. “If it is not on the Internet, it does not exist”.

This is an adage pronounced by Bill Gates a few years ago and which is becoming more and more current.

Therefore, having a web page, whether in the personal or commercial field, is now relevant.

The way you can exist in the virtual world that is increasingly linked to our physical reality.

Therefore, when choosing the best web designer who allows us to build the way we want to see our project and project our vision in the digital world, it is very important to ask to ourselves these key questions.

And finally, proceed to answer them with certainty and sincerity so that our experience is totally satisfactory and assertive.


Before contacting and finding the best web designer or the agency, it is very important to ask ourselves what is the main objective we want to achieve with our web page:

If it is a web page for individual projection if it is for some type of commerce, blog or a community forum, etc.

Taking into account this, we can decide what kind of information we want to place on our website.

For example,  texts, images, questionnaires, audiovisuals, contacts, or any other option that we consider necessary to meet our objective.

best web designer
best web designer


It is important to carry out an exhaustive search on web pages that offer the same services that we want.

All this in order to deeply analyze what we like and what we don´t, what we consider to work and what is not.

To have an accurate image of what we want to achieve and how we can make it stand out from all the others and reach the right audience.


We can decide with criteria what image we want to project and we can communicate with our web designer about what we intend with our site.

best web designer
best web designer


This point is very important because if we know how much we want or can invest in our page, we will close the wide range of possibilities that we have when choosing our best web designer.

It is very important to take into account the relationship between web traffic and our expectation of profit through it, as this will give us the real amount of what we NEED to invest in our page.


We can contact designers, either people or agencies, and tell them what we want and need.

It is important to highlight that it is not necessary for the designer or agency to be located in the same city as us, not even in the same country, since this work can be done from a remote location.

However, if it is important to request a portfolio from the designer, to check that your previous works are of our taste and satisfaction and maintain an open and constant communication for the successful completion of our website.

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