A blog for your business can not only improve the visits on your website, but it can also completely change your marketing strategy and promote your brand.

Corporate blogs are powerful tools that help to position products or services and generate trust in clients.

Main Goals of a professional blog for your business are:

  • Connect with customers.
  • Attract potential new customers.
  • Give greater visibility to the brand.
  • Increase profits

Do not start blogging for your business for the sole purpose of generating sales.

Think of your blog as a space in which to connect with your customers and position yourself in the area in which it is developed, providing information and quality content.

In the first place, a blog must offer relevant information that the public wants to consume. Share what you are learning and publish regularly so that your readers know when and where to find the information they are looking for easily.

The secret to getting the public interested in your blog (and, better still, to share it with their contacts) is consistency. For that reason, publish interesting content on a regular basis and then share it on social networks.

blog for your business


Some of the best reasons to have a blog for your business are:

  • It’s an easy-to-use platform to connect with your clients and share relevant information.
  • It is your direct and official communication channel. According to a HubSpot survey in 2010 and a study from Orbit Media in 2017, 60% of businesses that have blogs normally achieve more customers.
  • This tool generates a space to talk about new products or services, comment on recent news or business trends. Share your experience and professionalism to position it as an authorized voice in a specific area.
  • A blog generates conversations and encourages interaction, comments, reviews and returns. Be sure to always respond!

It will help you understand your audience!

Analytics will allow you to track your readers, their clicks, the most popular and searched topics, the comments and their dissemination in social networks.

These data can be used, for example, to know what is the best day of the week to publish your content.

How to start?

To create a strategy for your blog, you must first define who you write for and why. Because a blog without defined goals will not attract readers.

You can start by telling your brand story. A blog will serve to let people get deep into your vision, employees and basic ideas.

Tell your clients why you are in that area and how you can help them.

Will you organize events or offers that you would like to announce and share with your customers?

A blog can be the best way to promote these events before they happen, and can even serve as an excuse to share the post-event press release.

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