There are many ways to promote products and services on the internet, and one is through email marketing.

This is a marketing method based on the idea of printed advertising that arrives to our homes as traditional mail.

But, instead of physical paper, the message travels over the internet to an email address.

Email marketing in Orange County, California,and in other counties, offers you two main advantages as an advertiser.

First is the cost, considering it is amazingly cheaper than other common advertising tools such as brochures.

Also, it is less expensive than posting ads based either on clicks or impressions on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

The second benefit of marketing via emails is that messages are easy to design because you simply edit a template and send your message massively with just one click.

However, design is an essential element of email marketing in Santa Ana, California and other areas where your clients are.

It´s not as simple as taking a list with thousands of emails and sending generic one text line phrases such as“X product with X percent of discount”.

If this is your email marketing strategy, you are making two mistakes.

First of all, it is not taking advantage of the variety of options offered by email marketing like including attractive images and personalized messages.

The second error, which is even worse, is that sending generic messages in a massive way will be recognized by email providers like Google, Yahoo!, and others as SPAM.

Finally, it will be sent to the SPAM folder, where your product or service will not be seen… ever.

email marketing

Advantages of email marketing:

• 9 out of every 10 internet users use email.
• Users normally check their email accounts on an everyday basis.
• Emails are flexible when designing messages, including the type and quantity of content.
• In the case of emails, it is possible to know the percentage of people who opened the email.
• Email messages allow users to receive them voluntarily.

Best practices for your email marketing:

• It is important that you create your own email list.

If you want to promote your products and services using email marketing in Oragne County, California, it is best to make sure that those who will receive the message live in the area.

If you buy generic email lists you can end up sending messages to people who live in other places.

• You should allow subscribers to choose if they want to continue being on your list every time you send an email.

In fact, in the US it is illegal to not offer an unsubscribe option under the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.

• Send more than ads.

That way, you can explain to your clients that you are the best in your area using email marketing in Orange County, California.