Social networks are technology platforms that facilitate communication. In networks like Facebook, we can share different aspects of our life.

One of the main conditions to open an account on Facebook is that we must provide personal data such as our name and email.


Facebook is the most popular social network with 2,200 million users representing an increase of 14% percent in 2017 compared to 2016.


There are some basic caution tips that we need to apply in our account:




  1. Verify if our virtual friends are people we have met in the real world.
  2. Always use strong and secure passwords.
  3. Use the security filters that Facebook offers us like privacy settings.
  4. We should close our session and even more if we open our account from any public place.
  5. Social networks management with minors is management that as adults we need to supervise. You must know their password to facilitate supervision.
  6. Pay attention to what we post on the platform. It’s like opening the door of our house and keeping it open.
  7. Be careful with games and surveys. This type of applications may take possession of your personal data.

These are the measures that we can control. However, we can not control everything.

Facebook is undergoing a crisis due to its weak handling of the data evidenced recently with the scandal that the data of 50 million profiles passed into the hands of the consultant Cambridge Analytica linked to the Trump presidential campaign.

In just days, Facebook lost some 60,000 million dollars in the stock market.

The case of CA comes from 2014, due to a personality test that 270,000 people answered. CA had access to their profiles and those of their friends for a total of 50 million accounts.

CA used the data to send them messages for electoral purposes without users’ knowledge that their data had been taken from this social network.

Facebook failed to monitor the use of the information collected on its platform and failed to alert those affected when they were informed about the data leak.

This fact shows what can happen when a tool is used as a way to manipulate massively. If this consultant managed to get away with it for a long time, many others did the same.

For now, both users and the government, in general, complain to Facebook and a movement to close accounts is being generated.