Take your menus contactless

with QR Codes

Special Offer

$ 219.99

Take your menus contactless

with QR Codes

Special Offer

$ 219.99

Digital Menus

  • Great for Restaurants, Food Trucks, Deli & Coffe shops
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Easy to use and share
  • Receive High-quality QR Code Stickers
  • Up to four menu updates per each year

Why You need it

The National Restaurant Association is incorporating information from academia, industry, and government in releasing guidance on safely reopening and operating in our post-COVID new normal.

In that guidance, they highly recommend either using a single-use menu or QR code menu.


Entrance/Front Door

Restaurants often have menus hanging up in their windows. Now with a QR code at your entrance, potential customers can scan your menu as they pass by.

QR-Code Scanning


QR codes at the reception/cacher desk can be used like a menu stand. Your customer will have a second opportunity to scan your QR Code Digital Menu.

QR-Code Table


QR codes at the table has proven to be the best way to replace paper menus for good. You can print your QR code on stickers and artfully place them on the table itself or on a small display.

New Normal.

Solving Big Problems.

Backstage PC team is on a mission to help our restaurant friends in all Southern California.

Stickers to display

Hours Delivery Time

More Scans from Customers


Why we are different

We’re a local small business like you, we together on this

Here at Backstage PC will be working to get as many restaurants as possible.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Whether or not you have an existing website, your guests can now access your menu.

We can’t make this any easier, and it’s still being offered at No touching, No calling-ahead, no hassle!

Man scanning the QR code with mobile phone

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