About Us

Hello! So nice of you to stop by and read a little about our company. Backstage PC, is a family-owned business that started in 2014. At first, we started fixing our own computers and  from there, began fixing computers for extended family, and then for neighbors. Eventually, we built a small pool of customers.

We love technology and enjoy providing computer services that will help businesses operate smoothly. Think of us as your team that works “behind the scenes” to make sure your computers are in shape. All you have to worry about is running your business, we will take care of the technology mishaps. That’s where our name “backstage” comes from. We are “backstage”, prepping and fine-tuning and doing everything we need to make sure your business looks good “on stage”. We know computers from the inside out, from top to bottom and will work hard to solve your computer problems. But we are also honest and realistic. If there is something we can’t fix or that’s not worth fixing, we will let you know. We will not waste your time trying to make money on something that is not worth your while.

We also pride ourselves in our social media services. We know it’s hard work to run a business, and on top of that manage your social media. We can take care of that too. You run your business and we will make sure that your presence is constant and effective on social networks. Think of us as your partner in growing your business. If you succeed, so do we! Give us a try; we are confident you will be satisfied with our work.

Alex Benitez

Alex Benitez


Alex is the founder and owner of the company. He is also the lead technician. He is from Mar del Plata, Argentina, where he studied electronic engineering. When he came to the U.S. in 2001, he had many odd jobs to pay the bills, but always wanted to do something with his electronic background and love of computers. That’s how he started Backstage PC. He knows the ins and outs of computers and whatever he doesn’t know, there’s always Google (as he says)!

Alma Benitez

Alma Benitez

Co-Owner/Blog/Social Media

Alma is Alex’s wife and co-owner of Backstage PC. She does blogging, social media, and editing for Backstage PC. She was born in Mexico but grew up in Southern California. She earned a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Education from CSUF. She enjoys researching, writing, and editing for blogs and social media posts. Aside from working with her husband at Backstage PC, she also teaches ESL, part-time, at Saddleback College.

Sara Ferrer

Website Designer / Social Media Manager

Melina Kinder

Graphic Designer

Melina Kinder is the graphic designer. She creates and designs social media posts, website images, and marketing material. She is a Southern California native. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from BYU Idaho. Being an art enthusiast, she has taken many art classes, including ceramics and portrait art. She works from home while raising her three kids. She also enjoys dancing, music and jigsaw puzzles.